What Are The Benefits Of Constructing Structural Steel Staircases?

18 November 2020
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Stairs are an essential element in any commercial or residential building, particularly when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. Although you may find it exciting to pick the staircase design, your material choice is exceptionally vital. You want to choose a material that will last longer and is valuable depending on the kind of building you are erecting.

One of the popular materials you can consider is steel. Steel staircases are an outstanding choice that offers perks to the users and the environment as well. Discussed below are some of the benefits you will get once you opt to hire a steel fabrication professional to make steel stairs.


One of the primary factors you need to consider while constructing a staircase is the safety of the users. This is especially vital if you are making stairs for a commercial building. Steel stairs are known for being sturdy because they are made of a material that's tougher than timber and concrete. The material is an alloy of iron, carbon, and other materials, making it a robust metal.

So, the users' safety will be guaranteed because the material holds up to excessive weight and extreme weather conditions like a storm. Its sturdiness also promotes the longevity of the staircase, hence giving you value on your investment. Remember, the sturdiness of this material doesn't affect its malleability, so you can pick any style, pattern, or shape.


People today are used to using wood and concrete to make staircases and rarely consider steel. They think that steel is a costly material, but this isn't necessarily the truth. Structural steel is more affordable than wood, concrete, or other materials used to make stairs when you consider its versatility, longevity, aesthetic appeal, and robustness.

Besides, the steel fabrication process isn't costly. Usually, the components of the staircase can be custom designed and then delivered to the worksite for assembling. This helps you save on material, time, and labour. So, don't just believe what other people say — do the calculations, and you will realise steel staircases are more economical.

Corrosion resistance

Another reason why some people assume that steel isn't an ideal material for staircases is corrosion issues. However, not all metals corrode, and steel is one of them. When steel is being used for construction, it's usually made stainless. This means that the material won't react to water or any other form of precipitation and form rust. So, the staircase can be cleaned as often as needed. Besides, a layer of coating is added for aesthetic purposes, which protects the metal too.