3 Key Storage Areas to Include in Your Restaurant Kitchen Fitout Design

8 March 2021
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If you're planning a new restaurant kitchen layout, you have to juggle space issues. You need enough room in the kitchen to make it work efficiently; however, you don't want to use up space that you could use in your dining area.

You might have already spent some time thinking about the appliances and fittings you need to run the kitchen. You might have started to think about workflow and how that affects the kitchen's layout.

However, at this stage, it's important not to forget about storage areas. You need space to store various goods and items in the kitchen. What kinds of storage spaces might you need?

1. Cold Storage

You need to set up refrigerated and freezer space in your kitchen. If you have more room to play with, then you could install dedicated cold storage and freezer rooms. If space is tight, then you'll probably be looking at stand-alone refrigerator and freezer units.

It's important to think about how much space you need for cold storage early on. If you have to fit a fridge or freezer into the space you have left over at the end of the design cycle, then the units might not be big enough for your needs. Your kitchen can't run efficiently if you don't have enough room to store food.

2. Dry Food Storage

You also need to find somewhere to store your essential dry, canned and bottled foods. Again, if you can create a dedicated pantry room, then you'll get the space you need. If this isn't an option, then think about how you'll make this work. For example, shelving units and cupboards can be set up along walls to create a more space-saving solution.

Cupboards under workbenches are also an option worth investigating. However, you do need to make sure that your stored goods won't be affected by cooking heat otherwise they might spoil.

3. Crockery Storage

Working out the best place to store the crockery that you'll use to plate up your meals can be tricky. Typically, you need to find somewhere where the crockery won't be affected by grease, smoke or cooking heat.

You also want to locate these items close to your dishwashing and service areas. You don't want people carrying loads of clean crockery across the room to get it to your service area. Your service won't work efficiently if people have to travel across the room to pick up crockery.

To see some examples of commercial storage solutions, contact restaurant kitchen fitout professionals.