Three reasons for using a professional graffiti removal service

22 September 2020
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A graffiti attack on your business premises is something that needs to be dealt with immediately if you are to keep a professional image with your customers. You may be tempted to clean it up yourself rather than call in the professionals, but is this really a good idea? Here are some reasons why you should consider a professional graffiti removal service.

Knowledge and experience

Firstly, cleaning up graffiti can be more difficult than it looks. In order to know which solvents to use, you will need to know what kind of paint was used in the first place. There is no point in using a cleaner which is simply ineffective against the graffiti. Worse still, you may find that using the wrong product will damage the surface underneath the graffiti. You can easily bleach the original brick or stonework, leaving an unattractive patch where a cleaning job has obviously taken place. A professional service will know exactly how to remove the graffiti without causing any damage to the original surface.


Secondly, you should consider whether your time will be better spent elsewhere. The graffiti will need to be removed as soon as possible — apart from everything else, it can be easier to remove it within the first few hours. If you use your own staff to deal with it, you are diverting them from the productive work that you employed them to do. Get on the phone to the professionals as soon as the vandalism is discovered, and you can carry on with your business without any interruption.

Health and safety

Finally, there is the safety of your workforce to consider. Many cleaning agents are harmful to health and can cause problems with the respiratory system and the eyes if they are not used correctly. There are also safety issues as some of them are highly flammable and can be serious pollutants if they are accidentally discharged into the environment. A professional graffiti removal service will be trained in the use of these chemicals and will ensure that the damage is put right with no risk to your staff or customers.

Doing it yourself might seem the cheaper option. But it can easily cost more thanks to the money wasted on the wrong chemicals and equipment, the time lost through dealing with the problem, the damage caused to your premises and the health risks to your staff. 

Reach out to a graffiti removal service for assistance.