How Aluminium Can be Used in Granny Flat Upgrades

14 October 2019
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When you begin to construct a granny flat, there are many aspects to consider. One of those aspects is the type of metal that can be used and where that metal should be used. One of the metal options you may hear mentioned is aluminium. There are several areas of a granny flat that can use aluminium fabricators, regardless of the granny flat location. Here are a few of those options and what you need to know about them.

Framing Options

One of the ways you can use aluminium in your granny flat design is to use it in the framing. The framing of the granny flat, or in the extensions of the granny flat area, can benefit from aluminium in several ways. The first is that, though it is lightweight, it is also durable. The aluminium can hold up to corrosion issues that other metals may have an issue with. It will also hold up to water damage and pest damage. This makes it ideal for framing out the granny flat or extending the framing if you are adding onto an existing room of the home. 

Rain Guttering and Chains

An issue that some people have with granny flat upgrades and construction is with rain guttering and chains. You may want to have an option that is easy to install, lightweight, durable, but can also have a modern look. The industrial look of many types of guttering is not appealing to some homeowners. Aluminium offers you the ability to have a traditional design for your guttering or rain chains but with a colour or design twist that matches your landscape or the design of the home. This is an advantage that some other metals may not easily have. 

Shutters and Overhangs

When it comes to shutters and overhangs, the issue generally comes in with the weight. If you are using these on the granny flat construction, you need to consider the family member residing in the granny flat. Though there are many retractable overhang and shutter options, the majority can be heavy and difficult for some people to use. An aluminium option is lighter and easier to move for most older people. This makes them ideal for granny flats and seasonal use. 

If you think that aluminium may be an ideal metal for your granny flat upgrades and design, contact your local aluminium fabricators. They can help with pre-fabricated items as well as with special ordered pieces. Many can help with installation as well, or they can direct you to a contractor who can install the pieces once they are completed.