Understanding the Basics of Powder Coating

6 April 2018
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Whether you're a homeowner with an iron fence that needs refinishing, or you manage a production facility that uses metal parts during the production process, it's good to understand a few basics about powder coating. This process can help to protect metal pieces while also giving it a fresh new look. Note a few common questions about powder coating, so you can determine if it's the right option for treating your fence or other metal pieces.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is often referred to as dry painting, as it involves the application of a metal coating but in a dry, powdery form. This powdery substance easily seeps into tiny crevices in metal, so it can better coat twisted metal, folded metal and the like. Powder coating is also more precise than wet painting so that the finished metal product won't have streaks or areas of overly thick or thin coverage, creating a more uniform appearance on your metal piece.

How does the powder stick to the metal?

Powder coating is adhered to metal with an electrostatic charge. One of the benefits of powder coating is that this powder is then not likely to peel or chip away, as does liquid paint that might not stick very well to a smooth metal surface. This electric charge also means that powder coating won't get damaged by rain, snow, excessive humidity and other inclement weather conditions, which is why it's often recommended for metal fences.

After the powder is attached to the metal with this electrostatic charge, the piece might be put under a heat source. This also helps the powder coating to dry and remain attached to the metal piece.

Does the powder come in different colours?

The powders used for this process are typically available in just about any colour. Some colours will be more expensive than others, as they may require added pigments or special mixing, but if you need a custom colour made, or want to powder coat certain metal pieces to match existing pieces, this can usually be accommodated by any powder coating professional.

Can textures be added with powder coating?

Most powder coating professionals can add aggregates to the powder coating itself, and this will leave a texture on the surface of the coated metal. They may also be able to create wrinkles, folds, swirls and other such decorative designs with the coating. Ask your powder coating professional about what textures and designs can be achieved with a coating.