4 Reasons You Should Consider Using Acrylic Display Cases Instead of Glass

8 May 2017
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If you need new display cases for your store, you should seriously consider using acrylic cases made by a plastic fabrication company instead of glass. Of course, glass is the traditional option, and it's the material that most people will instantly think of when they need new display cases. However, that doesn't necessary make it the superior choice – here are just four reasons why you should opt for acrylic instead.

1. Acrylic Offers Superior Clarity

Obviously the most important thing when it comes to display cases is visibility. After all, a display case is pretty useless if you can barely see what's inside. Glass is transparent, but it also reflects light. This means that it can be hard to look at products in a glass display case from all angles. Reflections will make it impossible to see through the surface at certain points. Additionally, glass will have a little bit of tinting at the edges. In contrast, acrylic is non-reflective and displays no tinting.

2. Acrylic is Very Strong

Probably the most obvious problem with glass is that it isn't very strong. Sure, glass can last decades, but it can also be broken in seconds. If someone drops something on the case, it can crack. If someone bashes it accidentally while moving something else, the whole thing can shatter. This will mean needing an expensive new case, and it could cause damage to whatever you were keeping inside. Acrylic display cases can be struck with very heavy items or withstand falls without shattering.

3. Acrylic is Very Light

Not all cases will need to be lightweight. However, some will need to be moved around on occasion, while others will need to be hung on the wall. Glass display cases are very heavy. If you move them; it's going to take some muscle; if you hang them, you're going to need extremely strong anchoring. Acrylic is relatively light, so it can be moved and hung without issue.

4. Acrylic Offers Versatile Design Options

Finally, keep in mind that a glass display case will usually be made of several sheets of glass to produce a square or rectangular final product. Maybe that's exactly what you're looking for, but you should keep in mind that acrylic is far more flexible. You can have rounded corners to help prevent painful pumps, and you'll find that acrylic displays can be made in numerous shapes and sizes. This also means that it will be easy to get all of your display cases looking the same.