Go Green: 3 Reasons to Use Recyclable Bottles for Your Product

27 March 2017
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Every day, the environment and climate change are more and more prominent in the media and in everyday life.  Whether you buy into the science or not, the market has spoken loudly - and it's the job of business owners to hear them speak, and react accordingly.  If you want to keep your customers engaged with your product as we move forward into a greener future, you'll need to make sure that as much of your business as possible is targeted for doing minimal environmental damage. Switching to recyclable bottles is simply one way of doing this, and it's a great option.  Why?  Here are just a few reasons.

Engaging the Customer

If you want to show that your company is going green, then putting a logo on your bottles and encouraging your consumer to recycle them is an excellent way of doing that.  Not only does it show that you're using recyclable materials and making a conscious effort, but it also includes them in the process of recycling, and engages them with that message.  Whether they're just passively green or take their carbon footprint extremely seriously, this engagement is a bonus for you.


Of course, recyclable materials are sometimes more expensive than their alternatives - but this cost really wins itself back. Not only do you make the right impression on your market, but you're also doing so for a reasonably low price.  It may be cynical, but it's much less of a drain on your resources than a large tree-planting campaign.  Your product requires a bottle anyway; for just a small uplift in material cost, you can put across your message without having to make a grandiose gesture. That's priceless.

The Environment Itself

It doesn't need to be cynical, either.  Reducing the impact of your brand on the environment is genuinely something to be proud about.  Everybody's contribution to environmental welfare is important, but as a business owner, your impact may be greater than most.  Improving the way your product's packaging interacts with the world around it after its use is finished is one really easy way of offsetting that impact.  The fact that it's a good look for your business is just a great bonus.

In short, there's really no excuse.  For the reasons stated above, while non-recyclable materials are cheaper, they are not more cost-effective - and as we move forward into an even greener decade than the last, it's better to make the change now than to be one of the last brands to do so.  So what are you waiting for?  Look into a recyclable bottle supplier now, and see the change it makes in your business first-hand.