Top Reasons Why Powder-Coated Metal Products Are Superior to Those With Paint Finishes

21 March 2017
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When it comes to finishing metal products, manufacturers have two options: to paint or to powder coat. While painting is the traditional choice of finishing for fabricated metal products, more and more metal fabricators are switching to powder-coated finishing for their products. Here are some good reasons for this trend.  

Durable finish

As compared to paint finishes, powder-coated finishes generally last longer. This is because they are thicker and denser than paint finishes and thus offer superior resistance to scratches, chipping and other forms of damage to surface finishes. What is more, thermal bonding process of powder-coated application offers greater protection against normal wear and tear. 

Safe application

While paint may contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), powder coatings do not contain any chemical-based solvents and are generally free of VOCs. As a result, none of the health and environmental issues associated with paint are attributable to the application of powder coatings.

Easy disposal

While some paints might contain harmful elements, such as lead, powder-coated finishes do not involve the use of any environmentally hazardous materials. This facilitates the safe disposal of waste in landfills. 

Quick application 

In order to provide a durable paint finish, painters have to apply multiple coats of paint. This is usually not the case when it comes to powder coating. Powder coating is normally a one coat finish, which makes the application process quite fast and easy. There's absolutely no need for you to apply multiple coats of paint and wait for each coat to cure before you can apply subsequent coats of paint. 

Faster curing times

An added bonus of powder coatings is that it takes a shorter length of time to cure completely. Once the product is taken out of the baking oven, it takes a relatively short duration for it to cure properly. This saves both time and money and also allows for mass production of metal products.

Quality finishes

If you want a metal finish that looks really nice, you should opt for a powder-coated finish. Powder coating achieves a high-quality, uniformly finished surfaces, as the powder is evenly sprayed and oven-baked without no application traces being behind.

Clearly, there are lots of good reasons why most metal fabricators favour powder-coating over paint finishes. While powder-coated metal products may cost more than those with a traditional painted finish, the above-elaborated points demonstrate why they are a better investment, especially over the long term.