Why You Should Carefully Consider Aluminium Goalposts For Your Football Team

8 March 2017
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Football is one of the most popular games in the world and for good reason. It's energetic and a great team sport and provides a lot of excitement when the goalkeeper tries to save a skillfully-placed shot. Many thousands of children and young adults play the sport on a daily basis across Australia, but it is not without some attached risks. One of these risks may involve the equipment, unless it is manufactured and placed correctly. If you're responsible for setting up the playing field, what do you need to remember?

Are You at Risk?

Those who are responsible for organising and safeguarding a football pitch have a duty of care to those who are participating. In particular, they need to ensure that the goalposts used are not just functional but as safe as possible in the heat of the game. Many pitches still have old-fashioned goalposts that have encountered a fair degree of wear and tear over the years. Their frames are constantly under pressure whenever a goal is being attempted or deflected and this can cause them to start to fail.

The Better Solution

Any goalposts that have not been attended to in recent years ought to be replaced with specially made and latest spec aluminium frames. These are becoming the industry standard, as they're specifically designed to not only last, but to be safe. It's best if all the corners are welded using special techniques, rather than being held together with steel brackets. The crossbars and uprights can expand and cause pressure on the brackets, which could cause them to work loose over time. Also, aluminium goalposts will weather very effectively and won't rust.

Benefits of Aluminium

For goalposts that need to be moved into place and removed whenever a game is over, aluminium solutions have the advantage of being lightweight, but high-strength. Aluminium is a very widely used metal today, in excellent supply and can be recycled if needed. Most importantly in the sporting arena, this type of goal can be moved easily and is much more stable due to its "all in one" construction. The days of dealing with heavyweight, unstable and freestanding posts made of steel are over, especially given the potential liability associated with a negligence claim.

Are You Prepared?

It's not acceptable to risk any form of injury to players, whether the game being played is semi-professional or amateur. Have a word with your supplier to make sure that you get the right type of goal structure for your next sporting season. Contact a company like Adda Flagpoles Pty Ltd to learn more.