How Careful Fabrication Can Avoid Rusting Issues with Stainless Steel

31 May 2017
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How can stainless steel rust? Isn't this an oxymoron? If you're involved in providing stainless steel products to consumers, you may wonder why you get some complaints along these lines. In truth, this could be due to a number of different causes and possibly part of the fabrication process itself. What could be the issue here and what is the answer? Grade Selection Firstly, it's important to make sure that the proper grade of stainless steel is used at all times. Read More 

4 Reasons You Should Consider Using Acrylic Display Cases Instead of Glass

8 May 2017
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If you need new display cases for your store, you should seriously consider using acrylic cases made by a plastic fabrication company instead of glass. Of course, glass is the traditional option, and it's the material that most people will instantly think of when they need new display cases. However, that doesn't necessary make it the superior choice – here are just four reasons why you should opt for acrylic instead. Read More 

The Versatile Material: Aluminium

30 March 2017
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Aluminium is a versatile metal which is used in all sorts of applications. Principally, this is because it possesses a low density. Essentially, this quality means that it is lightweight considering the amount of material that will be used in a particular application. In addition, aluminium has an extremely thin layer of oxides on its surface. This means that the problem of oxidisation, or rusting as it tends to be called, throughout the material is lessened. Read More 

Go Green: 3 Reasons to Use Recyclable Bottles for Your Product

27 March 2017
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Every day, the environment and climate change are more and more prominent in the media and in everyday life.  Whether you buy into the science or not, the market has spoken loudly - and it's the job of business owners to hear them speak, and react accordingly.  If you want to keep your customers engaged with your product as we move forward into a greener future, you'll need to make sure that as much of your business as possible is targeted for doing minimal environmental damage. Read More 

Modern Materials That Can Be Engraved With High Precision

21 March 2017
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In the past, it was only really metal that was suitable for most engraving functions. However, modern CNC laser cutting machines are a good deal more accurate than the previous generation of technologies, and it is now much more of a practical proposition to engrave onto other materials. In some cases, just adding some wording or a logo is all that is needed, but highly precise engraving is now also possible due to laser cutting technology. Read More