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Teach Your Students About Australian History With These Five Essential Flags for the Classroom

Flags can be an essential component of a history lesson, and their visual appeal has the power to engage your students in a way that text may not be able to. With so many Australian flags ranging from the Australian Defence Force Ensign to the Queen’s Personal Flag for Australia, it can be hard to know which flags to display in your classroom and discuss. However, if you want to give your students a sense of where they come from, the history of the country and their place in the world, consider creating lessons around these five flags. 1. Australian National Flag Any lesson on flags and history in Australia should start with the national flag. See if your students can figure out what each of the three major symbols in this flag represent. The Union Jack in the top left corner of the flag represents the country’s historic ties to the United Kingdom, the stars on the right side of the flag represent the Southern Cross constellation and Australia’s position in the southern hemisphere. Six of the points on the seven-pointed star represent the six states, and the seventh point represents the territories collectively. 2.  State Flags The points on the national flag are a great way to segue to a discussion about the history of your state and its flag. Each state has its own unique flag, but since the mid-1800s, these six flags have followed a similar format. Against a blue background, the flags feature a small Union Jack and an individual seal or badge representing something about the state. For example, the badge on the... read more

Australians have always been known for their ingenuity. I have come up with a pretty groovy little device that I think is going to be very popular. I keep getting urged to send the manufacturing of it offshore, but I said no way! I want it to be proudly Australian made. So I’m learning about what it takes have my own manufacturing plant in my back shed. It’s a whole new learning curve, but I’m a quick learner! This blog has some of the useful information on building manufacturing facilities in your backyard that I have turned up in my research. Enjoy!